Thursday, March 03, 2005

I have managed to get myself on the Matrix Online beta which is pretty sweet. Its the first time I've signed up for something like this and is the first MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) I have ever played at the same time. Signing up involved agreeing to an NDA, so I can't say too much, but it seems like it could get quite deep. I was thinking it would be a terrible game, but being a fan of the Matrix series I signed up for the beta as soon as I heard about it months ago, however it wasn't until Tuesday I was accepted. I have only played for around 2 one hour sessions so far, having to restart with a new character for the second hour since I switched servers to try and reduce the lag. It was bad yesterday, but it was acceptable today. I'm more impressed than I thought I would be, but really don't think I would pay a monthly fee to keep playing. I'm going to try and get the most out of this free beta as I can.
I also had a quick go at Cold Fear for the X-Box today. It looks impressive. A more action oriented survival-horror game, along the lines of Resident Evil 4, but based on a large ship in the middle of a storm. The movement is exaggerated based on huge waves crashing into the hull, making your character sway as they move. After playing I was watching the TV and everything was 'moving' infront of my eyes, which is a little worrying for a 20 min play!
This time next week I'll be at GDC and I'm looking forward to that. Just need to keep on top of the work at the same time!

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