Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm back now from GDC and it was pretty damn cool. Highlights include getting completely drunk for free, all the food we blagged each day, getting my arse handed to me in a game of Doom 3 by a professional girl gamer, oh, and the show was there too.
On the first day a lot of stands were giving out beers and stuff at about 5, so we went around each of those booths and had about 6, then went across the road when the show finished and had a few with the Full Sail staff that were there. The next night Playstation held a private party that we all got into.
As for the show, the fact that Microsoft wasn't really showing anything was a surprise. I got to have a go on the PSP a few times and there were some entertaining things to do at the booths. But overall there was nothing amazing gaming wise. It was more showing the new technologies and tools we as developers can use, which was cool to see and try, but its not like E3 - place of shiny things.
We spoke to a few people too, which was good, including getting some good advice for next year, so I would say it was definitely worth the trip. It should be better next year since we will be looking for jobs and should have some stuff to show. It was a bit pointless talking to companies about it now, apart from seeing what they wanted and what they offered (such as internships.)
I just got back this morning and had some sleep. Apparently we didn't have power for 2 days since the power company cut us off thinking we were someone else. I'm pissed.
In totally unrelated news, I'm on the front page of the MediaLab Arts website in a beautiful pic. Lucky me, thanks Chris! ;)

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