Sunday, October 24, 2004

After losing my connection to a video stream of the Manchester United vs Arsenal game that has just finished, I found a radio stream from 105.4 Century FM. It ended Man United 2-0 Arsenal but I could not believe what a dick the presenter was at the end. He was so biased it was unbelievable. "It's quite easy to beat Arsenal isn't it?" "They are whingers. They are big babies when they are rattled." Easy to say that after the result isn't it! I thought it was a proper radio station, not a fan forum.
Anyway, the first month is now over. The final exam for GDF was fine and we got a 90 for our presentation, which isn't so bad. Next month is apparently going to be 9am-5pm Tuesday to Saturday, but things may change.
We are still holding out for laptops. They could have turned up yesterday, but Full Sail didn't want to trouble anyone and have them be there to sign for the delivery. After all, we have only been waiting a month so why the hell should they care if we get them before Monday?
On a lighter note, there have been a few parties this weekend so it has been a laugh to have a few beers with a load of people from the school. You can really notice that the drinking age of 21 here affects everybody's attitude, (and how quickly they get drunk since a lot of them are yet to turn 21.) I'm not sure why I'm mentioning that, but it was something I noticed in between bouts of Donkey Konga.

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