Sunday, October 17, 2004

I went to see Team America: World Police last night and conclude it is a very funny film. It just came out on Friday here. It's from Trey Stone and Matt Parker (the guys that make South Park,) in a Thunderbirds (i.e. Puppets) style, basically taking the piss out of America and the celebrities in it. One highlight for me was a brilliant set of Tony and Cherie Blair puppets.
I also have the Internet installed at home now finally, on fat 2.5mb line. Watching football streams should be no problem now! As well as more access to things like email and this blog so I'm more reachable now. My own laptop is not meant to turn up until Thursday and I'll be pretty pissed if it doesn't since the following Monday is our second month of classes which included Programming 1! It's all HP's fault since they ran out of glass to make the screens for our computers apparently. They offered us a replacement laptop, two models older with no widescreen, in replacement which we could have much sooner. We obviously told them as a group to poke it. Not much of a choice really, just the impression of one.
Anyway, that wasn't meant to sound negative or anything. Having a great time still, but gotta get back to work!

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