Sunday, October 10, 2004

Week two is done and dusted. A lot of work has been done and most has to be turned in this week. I'm on top of it all thankfully, (despite a day when I thought nothing else could go wrong earlier.) In fact I've just printed it all. We have had to create an Executive Summary of our game, Character Designs and more. I only have to revise my Level Design Document before I can call that finished. We have also had some midterms, which is a new experience, but as long as you revise, they are no problem. Public speaking is also a big issue here and I'll be doing a lot of that this week.
A panel made up of people high up in companies such as Sony and Midway rolled into town a few days ago. They sit on a board which makes sure Full Sail is doing the right things when they teach us and get us ready for the real world. It was actually a lot of doom and gloom, saying things like the average games developer stays in the industry for only five years and things like that. Fan-bloody-tastic.
I've been watching the presidential debates, which have been quite interesting. I should really pay a bit more attention to things like this back in England! I was undecided for a long time but I think Kerry would have my vote... if I could.
Anyway, I'm hungry and the fridge is nearly empty, so I'm going shopping, then I'll probably go and see Resident Evil 2 before it disappears from the cinemas completely.

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