Sunday, October 03, 2004

My first week of Full Sail is over. Well, I still have meetings with my group members today but we will ignore that fact. I am studing 2 courses at the moment - Behavioual Science (study, research and motivation techniques) and Game Design Fundamentals (learn how to do the background work in planning for a game, such as plot and character design.) All has been going well with that, though they pile the work on from the begining! I'm sure it will get more intense than this as soon as the programming starts, so I should try and get on top of things now. My lessons have been at reasonable times so far, but Chris has been in at 5am and has a 1am next week! I'm not looking forward to those. Oh, and I was meant to get my laptop on the first day, but hurricanes have delayed their delivery which is poo. But the upside is, when they do arrive, they are bad-ass machinces. As in 17" monitor, 3 GHz processor, GeForce graphics etc. Have a look at the product website for the HP NX9500 to see the specs.
And to finish off, here is some proof of my consumerist conformism, (or perhaps not, since I didn't buy an iPod!) since I bought this stuff:
Archos GMini 400: A portable media player which doesn't just mean MP3s, but DivX and XVid too! About the same size as an iPod, but with a sweet colour screen and the ability to play videos and play Mophun games, its a nice little unit. The controls could be a little better thought out though I think, (and it doesn't help one of my buttons doesn't work properly.)
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7: A very nice 5 Megapixel camera with a huge screen, small form factor and a motion stabalising lens that moves to correct your movements and prevent blurry pictures. It seems to be a good unit, but it doesn't act as a webcam, has no dock and the battery needs to be charged externally from the camera which are annoying features after having my Fuji 6800 zoom. This has obviously been done to keep the camera size down, which is a major problem I had with the Fuji in the first place, so you can't have everything!
God, I love the weak Dollar!

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