Thursday, August 07, 2003

After testing the site online, I noticed the back button does work properly. It was just the javascript / frames being funny offline, so that’s a bonus! Today I have just been converting content from the 'press pack' into a website. But I've done all that and I'm just sat waiting for some more to do. I could probably muck about with the layout of some of the text on some pages, but I don't see much point until I have it all so that I can keep it consistent. They also need to decide if they want all the text, but there isn't that much really. It'll probably just be a case of me adding different images to the sidebars of the pages to make them look a bit different and possibly splitting up any large pages into smaller ones (like programming into weekday and weekend.)
I'm not looking forward to putting the site through the Content Management System (from GOSS who are based in Plymouth coincidentally!) It'll probably be an absolute arse with the layout. Maybe they won't bother and be happy with it as is, since it really isn't going to be changed much. Unless it's just a case of putting the text in the CMS and leaving all the layout including images etc. in the HTML in which case it may be fine. Not sure how the stylesheet will cope... I would like to have a go with the CMS in any case since quite a few jobs ask for experience with them. Might be useful for the final year too.

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