Friday, August 29, 2003

Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be today. Infact I haven't done that much. The guy that said he had a lot of comments is too busy to speak to me so I've just done some little bits and pieces. The site isn't 100% finished due to the slackness of someone who only needed to give me 10 numbers, but hasn't. But apart from that I think it is done. I'm quite happy with it, (as long as they are really,) and they seem fairly impressed that this job that has been kicking around for 2 years or more has finally been done, and done well.
The only thing I did do today which was of mild interest was try out Mozilla for the first time to test the site (and mine!) Seems like it is very similar to Netscape to me (which seems right since Netscape and IE are both based on Mozilla in it's early days I believe.) It proved my coding prowess by not showing up a single problem on either site :-) I believe I officially rock.
Anyway, I've been hanging around all afternoon for no real reason and just want to go home. But I have to see out the day and go for a farewell drink (which I don't really want.) Never mind. Just have a swift one and be off. Someone else is leaving today, so hopefully we can all knock off soon...

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