Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Phew! Bit of a nightmare day today. Just when I thought I had everything sorted design wise and was adding in some more content, suddenly they want me to mock up one of my other demos into a website to compare! On top of that, they also decided that I should add in a whole new frame to the version I was working on, thereby mucking up the majority of the design on each page! All this just because they want to 'see.' Well, it's to be expected I suppose. Nevermind, they are done now, and the powers that be seem to prefer the design with the extra frame, so I spent the rest of the afternoon updating the old pages to the new format. The only problem I see is that the back button doesn't function as you would hope it would, but I could always fix that by making loads of framesets if they prefer, rather than my patented "JavaScript Variable Passer"-into-one-frameset method ;)

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