Monday, August 18, 2003

No updates to the GMTV site on Wednesday since it was still in the middle of a big change. I was then off ill for Thursday and Friday, so its all been finished and updated today.

Over the weekend I was decorating my bedroom. Louise was helping me too. Got loads done actually. Laid the floor, made cabinets, put a bed in etc. and bought most of it that morning too. It's all coming together pretty quickly, so hopefully I can finish it of this weekend (what with that damned thing called work being in the way ;-) ).

Went to see American Pie 3: American Wedding last night. Pretty good laugh, nice end to the trilogy. If you like the others, you should probably go and see it.

Because I was ill on Thursday, my interview with Fifth Dimension will be on Tuesday now. Of all the placement interviews I have had and jobs I've been offered, this is the one I think I want for the year (apart from Special Moves :-( and GMTV :-) ). I'll update you as it breaks (or more likely, on Wednesday ;-) )

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