Friday, August 01, 2003

Working hard. Had a meeting yesturday with the 'bosses.' Had bashed out 11 example images (variations of about 5 websites) and they seemed to like the last site. Excellent news. Told me to carry on and make it and as I was opening NotePad, Dreamweaver MX finally arrived. So, combinging that and ImageReady I have been beavering away on some slight variations of the chosen design. Have another meeting sometime next week to see how its going. I'm a bit worried to be honest. I'm racing away with this and don't think it will take me anywhere near 5 weeks to complete. That could be seen as a good thing ("He's good, keep him on!") or a bad thing ("Cheers mate, see you later!") Really, the only things that are holding me up are the people that need to decide what content is going to be included or not. That, and when I come to integrate the site into their content management system with the web team (from the site). So basically, other people.

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