Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I noticed the tabs were not changing their backgrounds in Netscape, so after a little more research I found that the code I was using was indeed Explorer only. Its fixed now for any DOM compliant browser, so that is IE, Netscape and hopefully everything else too. Only older browsers should struggle, like NS4, which I also found out is now in use by less than 1%, so I think I'll be safe ;)
Plenty of work has come flooding in and most of the day has been converting the GMTV rate card into electronic copy and then the website. 2 other tiny tweaks too, so all is well for a while. The design is approved and I am now waiting on content for 5 pages, of which only 3 are important, and I have just been handed one of those. Although there may be some more Excel work thrown my way...
Looks like all will be done shortly :) Just as well... only 3 days now!

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