Monday, August 04, 2003

I was just eating my lunch in the park when some random bloke (A proper inbred, no mates type) that looked a bit like Peter Kay ('Ave it!) in an ill fitting outfit with a briefcase sat down right next to me (when there was loads of room about). He then starts talking to me...

"Hi. What are you eating?"


"Oh right. And what are you reading?"

"The paper. The Metro."

"Oh I see. Current affairs and all that?"


"So do you like current affairs?"

"I suppose so..."

(Than he suddenly blurts out) "I'm not really interested. Fancy a pint?"

(Errrrr! No!) "No thanks mate"

"Oh ok, some other time."

Then he stalks off and I notice a video camera in some bushes. A bloke runs over and tells me i'm going to be on a new gameshow on Bravo (so no one will watch) where contestants guess what people will say to this bloke (like, fancy a pint with me?) Apparantly they will send me a tape.

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